Oral Health and Maintenance and Prevention

It is important to us to ensure that you not only have healthy teeth but healthy gums as well.
Gum disease has been linked to heart disease and other medical problems and therefore we strive to ensure that your gums and surrounding tissues are in a good state of health.

We will provide you with a comprehensive maintenance and prevention plan to implement at home.

Here at Jetty Road Dental Clinic we can provide a range of solutions for restoring teeth that are decayed, chipped, broken or missing.


Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resin fillings, (white fillings) are bonded to the tooth and are more conservative of tooth structure than amalgam (silver) fillings. Composite resin matches the colour of your teeth, looking more attractive when you smile.


For patients who are looking for an improved smile due to chipped, discoloured, misshapen or crooked teeth then veneers are an ideal option.

Veneers made from thin porcelain provide great aesthetics to improve your smile.

Veneers can also be placed using composite resin bonded material for a great result.


Implants are a solution for patients who have lost one or multiple teeth and are looking for a long-term solution.

A dental implant is placed by a specialist in the original position of the tooth or teeth that has/have been lost. The implant is placed then left for a number of weeks for the tissues around it to integrate and heal. Following the healing period, an impression is taken which is used to make a porcelain crown which attaches permanently to the implant.

Implants can be placed to support bridges and dentures or placed by a specialist in multiple numbers to restore function and aesthetics.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is required for teeth with damage to the nerve inside, commonly caused by decay and fractures.

Treatment requires a number of appointments to clean and remove the diseased nerve and then seal the root canals of the affected tooth.

Crowns are usually recommended as a long-term restoration on root canal treated teeth to give them strength and longevity.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are a must for people playing sport where teeth are in danger of being knocked. We offer mouth guards in a range of colours and strengths.

Crowns and Bridges

For teeth that require long lasting restorative solutions, we provide the option of porcelain crowns and bridges.

Porcelain crowns act as a protective outer layer covering the entire tooth. They improve the aesthetics of the tooth while maintaining normal function.

Bridges are multiple crowns fused together to replace missing teeth, and provide improved function and aesthetics.


We provide a take home whitening system to gradually whiten your teeth. Custom made trays are made after taking moulds of your teeth. These are worn for a 12 to 14 day period for sometimes as little as 60 minutes a day with the supplied bleaching gel. These trays can then be used at a later date if you need to refresh your whitening.


Dentures are made to replace missing teeth, ranging from a few teeth to all teeth.

They are intended to improve aesthetics and normal everyday function such as eating and speaking.

Dentures can be made form different materials depending on the patients individual needs however they are made to fit the patient to ensure comfort and wearability.

Night Guard

For people who grind and or clench their teeth heavily we recommend the wearing of a night guard.

A night guard fits over the top teeth usually and helps protect the teeth and jaw joints from damage.

For people who wake in the morning with a headache and sore teeth/jaws from grinding/clenching, a night guard can help to alleviate these problems.

Snore and Sleep Apnoea Devices

We can provide a comprehensive consultation and, if appropriate, an appliance, a Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) that is worn to prevent snoring and sleep apnoea in mild to moderate cases.